Create an add manually funnel (Cross-Sell)

Have to add the products manually in each offer

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Enter funnel name should be different from the already created funnels.

Select the page on which you want to render the Funnel.

2)Select Add offer method whether you want to add a product manually for a discount or it will show by some automatic method.

Here, we are selecting Add manually

3) Now we have two main setting

a)Select the offer type

i) Cross-Sell - Add complimentary products or add more of the same product.

(Trigger product remains in the cart and adds pop up products too)

ii) Upsell - Replace an existing product with another 

Here, we select Cross-sell Offer Type

b)Select the trigger method (by which method the funnel will be trigger and customer will see pop up)

i) By all products

ii) By specific product you can select the product

iii) By specific collection


Now, you have to make offers for this you can add a maximum of three offers

For creating an offer two things are must

i)product(Select Variant in which you want to show the discount or we select one of it)

ii)Discount value and discount type

5) There are two ways to add offer Down-sell or add simple offer

i) If we click on "add another Offer" a new offer will be added to a previous offer

we add a maximum of three offers. Customer will select one of these offer

ii) or you can click Downsell which means if customer accept offer #1

we will show a new offer offer #2A(accept)

If customer decline offer #1 funnel will show offer#2B(decline)

Similarly, if you make one more downsell it will be act same on Offer#2A and offfer#2B as they act on offer#1

5) These are some optional features add if you want

and then click on "Save" to save your funnel

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